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ProBand Sports Industries Helping Athletes Restore Functional Relief without Hindering Body Motions

ProBand Sports Industries Helping Athletes Restore Functional Relief without Hindering Body Motions

Helping Athletes Restore Functional Relief without Hindering Body Motions.

Our objective is to keep people in motion while they are recovering from repetitive stress injuries,” says Justin Fareed, the President and CEO at ProBand Sports Industries, a loyal user of the BandIT® and KneedIT for pain relief.

On a mission to help improve the lives of athletes and people in the workforce by
preventing repetitive stress injuries associated with the forearm, knee, and ankle, ProBand Sports Industries offers pain alleviating solutions for functional improvement without hindering body movements. Its portfolio includes BandIT®, BandIT XM®, KneedIT®, KneedIT XM®, Ankle Bandit® and the recently added Therapeutic Exercise Ball to enhance pain relief.

ProBand’s products are based on its patented Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression® technology that harnesses the body’s natural movements for the healing process. ProBand’s products come with adjustable contour pads that harness the body’s natural movement to create a pumping mechanism that increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Essentially, this technology enhances the body’s oxygen levels and quickens the healing process.

The highly versatile nature of ProBand’s compression products allow users to easily get back to their normal activities without any discomfort by wearing them outside their exercise routine while working or resting at home.

The ProBand Therapeutic Exercise Ball leverages ProBand’s Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression® technology that turns the innate action of the forearm into a natural pump, quickening the healing of repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. When used with the ProBand BandIT® and BandIT XM®, the ProBand Therapeutic Exercise Ball controls the body’s natural rhythmic muscle movement to increase blood circulation, relieving pain while strengthening and conditioning the wrist, elbow, and forearm.

While the unique, patented dual anatomic plate design of BandIT and BandIT XM (magnetic) line of products works by channeling the rhythmic expansion and contraction of the muscles, ProBand’s KneedIT and KneedIT XM work in conjunction with the motion of the knee and apply gentle pressure to the joint liner and patellar tendon. The KneedIT is a safe, natural, non-invasive, drug free and low-cost device that provides a secure alternative for treating repetitive stress injuries and fostering relief from knee pain, soreness, stiffness, osteoarthritis and inflammation.

“Our products work to actively heal repetitive stress injuries instead of just relieving the pain temporarily without getting to the root of the issue like anti-inflammatory medications, which can actually be detrimental to your healing process,” states Fareed.

 A recent study around people with osteoarthritis in their knees revealed that long term use of common NSAIDs to get relief from knee pain may actually be increasing joint inflammation and damaging cartilage. While it is not clear why these medications lead to increased inflammation, researchers advise to not be on NSAIDs long-term. Products like the KneedIT allow active recovery and pain relief to occur simultaneously without causing further damage to the area.

Fareed himself is the greatest testimony to all ProBand products. He injured his knee

and had to undergo two knee surgeries while he was in the UCLA Bruins Football program. After multiple surgeries, he tried many products to heal his severe runner’s knee condition but failed to achieve the desired results.

After trying ProBand’s KneedIT, he felt immediate relief, even while walking up and down the stairs. The product was a true game changer for Fareed as he was able to rejoin the football program two years later. His motivational recovery journey brought him recognition as the team’s most inspirational player.

The effectiveness and ease of using ProBand’s products speak for itself as clients keep recommending and gifting its products to their friends and families.

For the road ahead, ProBand aims to collaborate with healthcare distributors and physiotherapists to introduce its highly effective products directly to end users. It is set to revolutionize pain management and help those with repetitive stress injuries get back to their active lives by providing non-surgical treatment options and preventing injuries due to improper technique or overstraining muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

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