• How do I put my Pro Band on? See our video for your Pro Band under “How to Use Pro Band”.
  • How long can I wear my Pro Band?  You can wear your Pro Band as long as you wish.
  • How tight should I tighten my Pro Band? Your device should be applied no tighter than is necessary to keep it comfortably in place.
  • Can I wash my Pro Band? DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY. Hand wash with mild soap. Compress the pads and rinse thoroughly.  Dry with a towel, pat dry any excess water - air dry.
  • What is the Warranty? See our Warranty statement under “Refund Policy”.
  • What if I experience excess moisture while wearing my Pro Band? If you experience excessive moisture under your Pro Band while you have it on, you can either wear your device over clothing or remove it after your activity to allow your skin and Pro Band to dry.  DO NOT USE OVER BODY OILS OR LOTIONS.
  • I have a large arm/leg – does Pro Band fit me? One size fits most. If you require a larger strap, please call us at (800) 676-1550 to place a special order. We can provide customers with a 20” strap instead of the standard 18” strap.
  • Can I replace the hook and loop strap? The strap is fastened to the plate with a rivet so it cannot be replaced.
  • Can I replace the foam pad on the back of the KneedIT? please call us at (800) 676-1550 to place a no charge special order.
  • What precautions should I take if I have a XM (magnetic version) Pro Band? Magnetic products should not be used if pregnant or fitted with a cardiac pacemaker and/or automatic internal defibrillators. Keep out of the reach of magnetically stored data (i.e., computers, disks, credit cards, and wireless-enabled wearable technology such as physical fitness monitors and activity trackers, smartwatches, pedometers.etc.).


CAUTION:  For persistent pain, immediately contact your health care professional.