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ProBand Sports Industries Proudly Sponsors Annual Dunk MS Charity Event in Partnership with UCLA Athletics and UCLA Health

LOS ANGELES, May 14th, 2024 - ProBand Sports Industries, a leading sports technology company dedicated to helping athletes perform at their best without pain or injury commonly associated with Repetitive Stress Injuries, is honored to announce its sponsorship of the annual charity event Dunk MS. The event, hosted in partnership with UCLA Athletics and UCLA Health, is a significant fundraiser for multiple sclerosis (MS) research.

Justin Fareed, President of ProBand and a proud UCLA alum, is excited to support this meaningful event. "As a dedicated member of the UCLA community, I am proud to sponsor the Dunk MS charity event," said Fareed. "At ProBand, our mission is to empower athletes and enthusiasts to do what they love, pain-free, and we look forward to supporting a community of athletes coming together for one common goal - finding a cure for MS.” 

Dunk MS, founded by former UCLA Basketball player Blake Arnet, is an annual fundraiser showcasing the world's top pro dunkers. “I’m extremely excited to welcome ProBand to the Dunk MS family!” Said Arnet. “We’re honored to have such great sponsors who believe in our shared mission and understand the importance of giving back to the community. We look forward to partnering with ProBand for years to come.”

Dunk MS also includes a kid's basketball clinic, an MS community zone, raffle prizes, sponsor tables, a silent auction, and a wellness center. The event benefits MS research at UCLA Health, supporting the groundbreaking work of world-renowned MS researcher, Dr. Voskuhl.

ProBand Sports is dedicated to providing cutting-edge products and resources to support athletes in achieving their peak performance while maintaining long-term physical well-being. The sponsorship of the Dunk MS charity event represents a vital component of ProBand’s commitment to giving back to the community and contributing to important causes.

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