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ProBand Sports Industries - Sponsors United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County

SANTA BARBARA, CA - ProBand is proud to announce their sponsorship of the United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County Basketball team. This partnership is aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of today's youth and giving back to the community.

 As a former member of the Boys & Girls Clubs himself, ProBand CEO, Justin Fareed knows first-hand the impact that this organization can have on a young person's life. It was at the Boys & Girls Clubs where Justin first started playing football, which eventually led to a successful career playing for and coaching at UCLA.

Now, Justin is dedicated to giving back to the organization that helped launch such an important part of his career.

“Being impactful in young people's lives is what’s most important,” said Justin. “Through our sponsorship of the United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County Basketball team, we hope to make a positive impact on the lives of these young athletes and inspire them to pursue their dreams.”

 It’s a full circle moment when former members contribute to the growth of the program years later.

“When an alumnus of our organization grows up to be a successful business entrepreneur and then they give back to support the organization where it all started for them, it doesn’t get any better than that,” said Michael Baker, CEO of the United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County. “Justin is living proof that the Boys & Girls Clubs work!”

ProBand Sports Industries is committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles by doing what you love. Supporting youth sports programs in the community provides a valuable opportunity for young people to develop physical skills, build self-confidence and learn important life lessons such as teamwork, dedication, and perseverance.

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