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The ProBand BandIT XM® is highly effective in relieving pain commonly associated with:

1. Carpal Tunnel 
2. Tendonitis 
3. Cumulative Trauma Disorders
4. Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)
5. Tennis/Pickleball  Elbow 
(Lateral Epicondylitis)

The ProBand BandIT XM introduces the use of Magna-Therapy® as an enhancement to the BandIT, and features a unique, non-constrictive design consisting of two soft-plastic plates curved to the shape of the forearm.

  • Wearable Anti-inflammatory™

  • ProBand BandIT XM utilizes magnetic pads to enhance natural healing in the area of the elbow.

  • Stimulates the body's natural healing process by increasing blood flow and
    oxygen, reducing inflammation and pain, facilitating active decompression of soft tissue irritation.

  • Leverages Compression Therapy to provide more immediate pain relief, while working with your body's own natural movements to create a pumping mechanism, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation to improve healing environments.

  • Plates have soft cushioned neoprene on the insides that rest against the skin. Plates are held together by a single piece of hook and loop strap, which is attached with a metal rivet.

  • ProBand BandIT XM utilizes Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression® to turn the natural action of the forearm into a natural pump.

Studies have shown Magna-Therapy to be effective in 70% or more cases and many therapists report the predictability of success with this enhancement to be higher than any other treatment. Risk is low and benefit is high.

When placed near the affected area, magnets may stimulate blood flow with the resultant increase of oxygen-caring capacity of the blood, both of which are basic and essential to helping the body heal itself.  

Although not yet approved by the United States FDA, magnetic therapy is being investigated as a new remedy for many Repetitive Stress Injuries by the National Institute of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine.

One size fits most. If you require a longer strap please call us at (800) 676-1550 to place a special order. We can provide customers with a 20″ strap instead of the standard 18″ strap.

Benefits of using the Therapeutic Exercise Ball with the BandIT XM:

  • Enhances ProBand’s patented technology.
  • Decompresses the forearm.
  • Increased blood flow & circulation.
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling.
  • Relieves physical tension, body discomfort, stress & more.

Learn more about the ProBand® Therapeutic Exercise Ball here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Jim C Vacanti

Seems to help my knee, waiting for the other one so I have two of them. I think wearing both will help me
Thanks Jim V

Ryan Murray
Best arm band I've seen

I had tennis elbow for almost 2 years. I have tried multiple bands and this is by far the best. Pressure is only applied to either side of the injury, not a tourniquet like other bands. If you have tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) you should get this.

B. Max
Band-it, Ice, Elevation and NSAID's

This is by far the best product of its type. The model w/o the magnets is fine also, but I bought this because of the black color. The gold trim is a little bling-ish, but can be removed with a little nail polish remover (acetone) and a Q-tip. Excellent durability and washability along with non-constricting pressure in the right place - not a total tournaquet(yea, spell-check it!) like the others!!

bandit works great

This a great product my arm feels great. My tennis / golfers elbow is really pain free when using this product. Highly recommend Bandit to stop your arm pain.

best thing ever!

This product is the best. If you're a computer nerd like me, it's perfect. My job requires many hours on the internet and this helps tremendously.