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The ProBand KneedIT assists in the relief of minor knee pain commonly associated with Repetitive Stress Injuries like:

1.  Arthritis
2. Tendinitis
3. Chondromalacia (Runners Knee) 
4. Patellar Tendinitis (Jumpers Knee)
5. Osgood-Schlatter 
6. Osteoarthritis

by placing gentle pressure along the medial and lateral soft tissues of the knee.

Its innovative design consists of a soft-plastic plate curved to the shape of the knee and a soft pad that straps around the back of the leg.

Stimulates the body's natural healing process and provides pain relief by gently absorbing force at the knee and by exerting concentrated compression and warmth across the soft tissue in front of the knee.

  • Wearable Anti-inflammatory™

  • Leverages Compression Therapy to provide more immediate pain relief, while working with your body’s own natural knee movements to create a pumping mechanism, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation to improve healing environments.

  • As you move, it gently applies pressure to the joint liner and patellar tendon and aids in pumping soreness away.

  • By stabilizing the inferior pole of the patella, ProBand’s KneedIT also may improve patellar tracking.

The KneedIT enables muscles to relax, which reduces stress on tendons and muscles. It can be worn on the right or left knee and easily adjusts to fit the contour of the patella and patellar tendon. 

If you want to wear the KneedIT on both knees, we suggest that you get one KneedIT for each leg—as you wear the products, they adjust to the contours of your knee.

One size fits most. If you require a longer strap please call us at (800) 676-1550 to place a special order. We can provide customers with a 20″ strap instead of the standard 18″ strap.

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** For bulk orders please contact our customer service

Customer Reviews

Based on 340 reviews
Jose R. Recinos
All I can say is the brace is the best

I work for an orthopedic surgeon and Iam a orthotics fitter all I can say is the brace is the best.

Better than I hoped for.

Not only did the product come before promised, but I am liking this more than I could have hoped for. I had been wearing one of those neoprene knee supports when I play tennis. It was helpful but hot to wear and you have to take your shoe off to put it on and off. I love this new Kneedit PRO BAND. Light weight, cool and effective. Best of knee pain.

Game Changer!

I am a dance fitness instructor and have been experiencing issues with my knees in recent years. The Proband Kneed It is a game changer! I just completed a 6-hour dance training event and did it without any pain from my knees. I highly recommend. I took a chance not sure if this was going to offer any relief and I am pleasantly surprised!

Janice Poulin
Better Order 2

I ordered this brace for myself as a yoga instructor had raved about it. Since it arrived my husband has not taken it off. Also recommended it to a golfing friend and she has thanked me profusely. Guess that's a positive review.

KneedIt Band Works

I wear a Kneedt Band on both knees to play sports and find that they protect the knee from moving and prevents injury. I just had an apointment with an orthopedic surgeon to check my knee for cartlidge and I showed him the kneedit band and he said that he recommends them to his patients that play sports and also for walking.