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ProBand® Ankle Relief

If you are suffering from Ankle problems including: Sprains, Tendonitis and Pain then Doctor Fareed recommends the ProBand Ankle Bandit. Used correctly, this ProBand may assist in the healing and prevention of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs).

Injury Specific Information

Injury Name: Ankle Arthritis, Tendonitis…

Related Injuries

Ankle Tendinitis, Ankle Sprain, Chronic Ankle Sprain, Osteoarthritis of the Ankle, Degenerative Joint Disease, Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle pain and Synovitis.

Injury Description

The ProBand Ankle BandIT helps relieve pain and swelling often associated with chronic ankle sprains, arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis/tendinitis. It eases discomfort commonly experienced with degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) of the ankle. It is recommended for individuals suffering from synovitis and plantar fasciitis.

How Does the ProBand Ankle BandIT  Help with Ankle Arthritis and Tendonitis?

The Ankle BandIT comes with two removable and adjustable compression pads which are anatomically contoured to apply intermittent soft tissue compression to the lining of the ankle joint, thus aiding in the reduction of swelling and pain. When worn as directed, The Ankle BandIT will not cut off circulation or hamper movement. This device is lightweight, machine washable and may be worn comfortably for long periods of time, with or without the pads, with or without shoes. Anatomically focused dynamic compression® uniquely and characteristically applied with adjustable and removable diagonal pads across the front of the ankle enable precise ankle pain and swelling relief.

To adjust, move the two small pads on the inside of the strap to a 45-degree angle first. Adjust the pads to the area where you are experiencing inflammation or swelling. If you have a small size foot, move pads in, closer to the center (heal) hole, large foot, move pads out. Tighten the side straps one-over- the-other on your ankle so the ProBand logo is on top.

Still have questions?

If you have any trouble finding the ProBand product that best fits your needs, please feel free to contact us at or call (800) 676-1550 toll-free.