ProBand® Sports Industries - Testimonials


Dear ProBand®:
Just a quick note to tell you that by wearing your “BandIT” appliance I was able to get relief and continue to use my arm while I was working. I do computer work for approximately 90% of the work day. By wearing the BandIT, I could use my elbow and forearm with less discomfort than before.

I would recommend that everyone try this for pain relief. I have recommended it to many of my co-workers and they also were satisfied wearing your BandIT. Please keep me informed on your magnetic BandIT.

Great Product!
G.W. (Human Resources, IPL)
Indianapolis, IN



Your product BandIT has made it possible for me to lead an active life. For years I tried many, many products to find relief from tendonitis. Finally, I discovered the BandIT which allowed me to golf without pain. Eventually the tendonitis was healed and I could play without the BandIT. Now the problem is in my other arm. I ordered two more BandITs from you. I am still golfing and feel confident that my elbow will be healed before long.

I have recommended BandIT to many of my friends and they also found relief. Thanks for a great product!

N.W., Hendersonville, NC


To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a letter carrier for over fifteen years. Our job duties involve repetitive motion and unfortunately I developed elbow pain some time ago. I approached Dr. Fareed thinking I might need surgery but he had me try the BandIT. I wore it daily and sometimes at night. It seemed to relieve inflammation as soon as I put it on. After several months the pain began to subside and I have been pain free for several years . I have used it to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms involving my arms. I now use the BandIT during times of heavy work loads as a preventative measure. For a twenty dollar plus device, I have avoided twenty thousand dollars in medical costs. Quite a bargain. I highly recommend the BandIT to anyone suffering from repetitive motion strain and especially to those brothers and sisters in the letter carrier craft.

W. K., San Francisco, CA


Dear Cecilia:
I love to play golf, but I must wear an arm band when I play or my inner elbow will hurt for weeks. I have been wearing an arm band for eight years. I found my BandIT arm band about four years ago and now I wouldn’t wear anything else. I was glad to find you so that I could order a back up BandIT in case I am unexpectedly invited to play. Thanks again for making a really great product.

Sincerely, C.N.C.
Atlanta, GA


Dear Dr. Donald Fareed,

I just want you to know that the “BandIT” not only took away the severe pain in my carpel tunnel, but also took away the severe pain in my shoulder. Thank you so very much for inventing the “BandIT” .

B. L., San Bernardino, CA


To: Pro Band Sports Industries, Inc.

I am 55 years old and have played tennis for 30 years. Periodically I suffer from knee tendonitis. There are some days when my knees ache just walking down stairs. Now I can strap on a KneedIT and play 2 hours of doubles or singles without pain. KneedIT has extended my tennis career.

Thank you,

M. F. , Manhattan Beach, CA


Dear Ms. Herrera,

“Is it an exaggeration that KneedIT is saving my life?!  Not if you consider that my cardiologist maintains the only certain way to defeat my heart disease is through intense exercise-previously impossible with my perpetually sore knees. The KneedIT XMs have made the prescribed intense exercise possible. And, yes, my heart disease abated. KneedIT works, absolutely.”

L. W., Minden, NV


Dear Dr. Fareed,

When I first came to you , years of karate and soccer had left my right knee so painful and unstable that I could not walk or run normally. Now, after six weeks of using KneedIT regularly, my knee is pain free and for the first time in ten years, I can even take aerobics classes. I will always be grateful to you for introducing me to the KneedIT.


W.K., Santa Barbara, CA



After 3 months wearing your “KneedIT” purchased from my doctor in Phoenix, Arizona, I noticed the 800# on said article.

When I went to my doctor I was on crutches and, five treatments did no good, he had me try the “KneedIT”. Well I’m 76 years old , work for a freight company, so I am in and out of vehicles 12 to 14 hours daily. I have arthritis, but since wearing this , I have no pain. It is wonderful. All truck drivers, carpets layers, sports people, anyone that pounds their legs and arms should have one.

Cordially, B. V., Phoenix , AZ


Dr. Fareed,
I normally don’t sit down and fire off testimonials, but in this case I am compelled to do just that. When the KneedIT XM arrived and I strapped it to my knee , my wife said there was a look of incredibility on my face that prompted her to say “WELL?!” When I answered “Mary , I cannot believe what has just taken place”. Needless to mention, the pain instantly went away and I am still amazed. I will eternally be thankful to you, doctor. I am 65 and thought that there was no hope.
Thanks a million.
J.G., Kingman, AZ