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The ProBand BandIT is the only medically designed device which works with the human anatomy to:

  • Aid in the relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow pain without cutting off circulation, hampering movement or causing uncomfortable swelling. 

The BandIT utilizes Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression® to turn the natural action of the forearm into a natural pump. Unlike other bands which create a tourniquet effect and can cause uncomfortable tissue swelling, the BandIT:

  • Allows normal circulation (blood flow).
  • Unlike most competitive products, may be worn for long periods of time with complete comfort.
  • BandIT is simple to apply, and it works in a completely new and unique manner.
  • Highly effective in relieving pain commonly associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.
  • Superior aid for tennis, golf, weightlifting, bowling, racquetball and activities such as the use of keyboards, which result in Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs).
  • Stimulates the body’s natural healing process by increasing blood flow and oxygen, by reducing inflammation and muscle spasm and by producing a subtle warmth at the painful site.

One size fits most. If you require a longer strap please call us at (800) 676-1550 to place a special order. We can provide customers with a 20″ strap instead of the standard 18″ strap.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 305 reviews
Donald W. McFarland
Saved My Wrists

I first learned of the BandIT when I saw a court reporter wearing a pair when I was on a jury. After the trial I asked her about it and she said that she swore by it as did all the other court reporters in the building. Good enough for me! I got a pair and loved them. I never knew wrist pain could be caused by tendons in the upper forearm, but after wearing them for a while I was convinced. They literally saved me from carpal tunnel surgery and I would recommend them without hesitation. They feel very comfortable, the velcro is strong and secure, and they saved me a truckload of money on medical bills.

Band It for tennis elbow

The support from the Band It is excellent. I am able to swing a golf club without pain. Great product

Michael Thomas
The best

Tried a lot of bands. The best by far.

William F.
Bill F. Fallbrook, Ca.

I have used these ProBand BandiT Bands for several years, and they have continued to keep my Tennis Elbow issues under control. I have been very satisfied with this product.

Laura Rodriguez

I use my computer way too much and started having pain in my upper forearm. It was unbearable while writing and using the mouse. I've been using this band for about a month now and not only feel so much better while using it, but overall feel better with my arm pain. I'm also pairing this with some arm stretches though, so I would recommend both if you find yourself needing this.